I am generally reluctant to change. Especially my phone supplier. The Ayrtel guys knew their stuff. And were quick to reassure at all the steps along the way. And I am making the saving.
Albert Ewan

Not too satisfied with my telephone provider, I decided to transfer to Ayrtel. The transfer was organised smoothly by their staff and the service provided so far has been most helpful. The cost benefit of this move is already, after only two months, becoming apparent. My thanks to them.
Dr John Walker

When Ayrtel rang me i was very skeptical in moving as i am as you would say 'The old fashioned type' but they assured me it would be a seamless transfer. On The day of the transfer they called me to make sure it had moved across effeciently, i was surprised as i saw nothing changed at my end, that's how seamless it was! I have been with them for 17 months now and every single invoice so far has been cheaper than my previous supplier. Must say the Ayrtel guys are always a pleasure to speak too.

I was contacted by Ayrtel regarding moving my phones lines over to them, I was in a contract at the time and was not keen to move, due to me being tied into a contract with my previous suppliers at the time, however Ayrtel dealt with all of the transfer for me and the problems in getting out of my contract very efficiently, with no problems, no costs to me and continue to offer great customer service. Would gladly recommend them.
Mrs De Melo

We have enjoyed a good relationship with Ayrtel and particularly appreciate being able to speak to the same person each time - and their offices are in this country so no difficulties with language or understanding! It is usually easy to get through, one is not left waiting and waiting or with many possible options and whatever the issue, it is sorted out quickly. When we had a problem with broadband reception their technical dept. were very helpful and it was sorted out speedily and efficiently. 

Caroline Brown